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The Character Sheet Template is a novelling tool designed to aid in building and tracking vivid, memorable characters.

It contains:

  • 3 sizes of template for protagonists, major characters and minor characters
  • A moodboard Triptych for visual references
  • A memorable detail section
  • An adjustable digital notes section
  • An adjustable handwritten notes section
  • Demonstrations of the template in use
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size two character sheet

The Character Sheet Template¬†functions as a companion printable for applying the following character creation techniques…

Character-Driven Plot and Character Arc Techniques

Character Creation Techniques

The character sheet template is for you if:

  • You struggle to organise your character notes
  • You struggle to know when to stop building character details, and to make decisions between ideas
  • You find the Card Game, Myers-Briggs and Triptych techniques helpful and reusable
  • You want a concise, organised overview of each character for your story bible
  • You prefer the flexibility of being able to continue to add notes as you go along

Buy it once, duplicate it infinitely for as many characters and as many novels as you want.


  • DO NOT buy this template if you are not comfortable using the Pages app. It is designed to be digitally edited AND printable, but if you struggle with editing digital documents which include images, text boxes and tables, I’m afraid this template is not for you.
  • DO NOT immediately download and start editing your template. If you mess it up, you won’t be able to download another one after your link expires. A Master copy is included in the download – use this to create new copies and edit those.
  • This template is available in Pages format only. If you would like to recreate it in Word or another software, shoot me an email (rachaelstephen -at- and I’ll send you a non-editable PDF version for free.