The Plot Embryo technique revolutionised my plotting.

You can learn the technique yourself for free by watching my video below, and reading up on the original posts by Dan Harmon.

If, like me, you get tired of having to redraw a new blank plot embryo every time you need to do some plotting, this printable is for you.

Buy it once. Print as many embryos as you need, forever.

The Plot Embryo Printable includes:

  • a short guide to using the templates effectively
  • a reusable Heroic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet
  • a resuable Tragic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet
  • a Heroic Plot Embryo Printable Template
  • a Tragic Plot Embryo Printable Template

Here’s how to use the technique for any plot with a happy (ish) ending…

And how to modify it for any story with a less than happy ending…

And a final video clarifying details and answering FAQs…