State of Flux ebook


State of Flux ebook


Thirty years ago, trailblazing graffiti-legend Flux vanished.

Trinai isn’t Flux. She’s not a legend. But she’s doing her best impression. On the thirtieth anniversary of Flux’s disappearance, a citywide blackout interrupts her memorial painting and an anonymous squad takes her captive.

She doesn’t know it, but elsewhere in the darkness a washed-up railgrinder determines to learn Trinai’s secret; a journalist trapped in a lift faces her own icy demons; the leadership of the Fighter’s Pride hangs on a single match, and an old member of Flux’s Pride tries to dull the screaming of a ghost.

Caught in a new war on graffiti, Trinai must connect these threads to unravel Flux’s unwritten past and finish what her hero began.


State of Flux is a high-energy, dystopian adventure recommended for readers age 15 & up.

This product contains mobi, ePub and PDF formats.

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