Tools for Navigating Novelling Wilderness





Re-orienting & guided problem solving
for writers stuck in narrative wilderness.

To write a novel is, always, to traverse unknown lands.

I've been stuck in my share of narrative ditches, been caught after dark without shelter or campfire. I've trekked over subplots in circles, before finding my way out.

It's why nothing makes me happier than using what I know of the trail to help you find a path through the woods of your novel.

If you've come up against an impassable thicket of a story problem, sometimes the difference between flailing for weeks and getting through it in an hour is a new set of eyes on your map and compass. To have someone else show you where you've gone off your trail.

In a Novel Navigation Session through Skype, I won't tell you where you should go, I'll help you fight through the trees and get where you want to go.

  • Together we'll explore the problem and come up with a number of possible solutions.

  • Within two days of the session, I'll send you a PDF write up of our session, including brainstorming prompts for you to take away and work with.

  • And because I want to be sure that you get where you're going, I'll send you an accountability followup email one week after the session to check how you're getting on.



Save 20% on individual session pricing by booking a bundle of three sessions.

Blast through writing roadblocks and get crystal clear on how to get where your novel's going!

Usable within six months of purchasing.


The Plot Embryo technique revolutionised my plotting.

Dan Harmon's version of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth (also known as the Hero's Journey) gives a cohesive storytelling structure that works for all kinds of stories, (not just heroic ones) and helps hit the exact notes you need to emotionally resonate with your reader.

If you struggle to make your endings feel complete and satisfying, this is for you.

I'm obsessed with this technique, and you can learn how to use it yourself for free on my YouTube channel.

This printable is for those of us who love the technique but are getting pretty tired of having to draw up a new blank plot embryo every time we need to do some plotting.

Buy it once. Print as many embryos as you need, forever.

The Plot Embryo Printable includes:

  • a short guide to using the templates effectively

  • a reusable Heroic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet

  • a resuable Tragic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet

  • a Heroic Plot Embryo Printable Template

  • a Tragic Plot Embryo Printable Template


Bring characters to vivid, memorable life.

Have you ever filled in a seven-page character sheet and at the end of it, you're not really sure any of it was worth it? And nothing on there even makes it into your book?

I knew there had to be a more efficient, more potent method for brewing up great characters. So I came up with three techniques for bringing characters to life which you can learn for free, here.

This printable character sheet is specially tailored for these three techniques, and purposefully uses no more than one A4 page per character to keep the details short, sharp and effective.

This digital hybrid printable contains:

  • 3 sizes of template for protagonists, major characters and minor characters

  • A moodboard Triptych for visual references

  • A memorable detail section

  • An adjustable digital notes section

  • An adjustable handwritten notes section

  • Demonstrations of the template in use