The Character Sheet Template

character sheet template cover SMALL.png
character sheet template cover SMALL.png

The Character Sheet Template


Bring characters to vivid, memorable life.

Have you ever filled in a seven-page character sheet and at the end of it, you’re not really sure any of it was worth it? And nothing on there even makes it into your book?

I knew there had to be a more efficient, more potent method for brewing up great characters. So I came up with three techniques for bringing characters to life which you can learn for free below.

This printable character sheet is specially tailored for these three techniques, and purposefully uses no more than one A4 page per character to keep the details short, sharp and effective.

It's also specially designed so you can enter what you know, print it, and still have space for further handwritten notes.

This digital hybrid printable contains:

  • 3 sizes of template for protagonists, major characters and minor characters
  • A moodboard Triptych for visual references
  • A memorable detail section
  • An adjustable digital notes section
  • An adjustable handwritten notes section
  • Demonstrations of the template in use


  • This template is in PAGES format and will only open in the Pages App. You will not be able to open or edit the template in the Word App or a PDF App.
  • This is a DIGITAL template designed to be digitally edited and then printed. If you struggle with editing digital documents which include images, text boxes and tables, this template won't be a good fit for you.
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There are THREE core parts to a character:

  • Motive (what they want)
  • Backstory (why they want it)
  • The Details (what they're like).

This sheet is all about that third part, the details, the little things which make them feel like a real person. 

Jump into the Details Techniques for the sheet:

Need to brush up on motive and backstory?

Or figure out a character's arc or plot?