The How to Build a Novel Ebook

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HTBN Cover.png

The How to Build a Novel Ebook


Navigate novelling wilderness

Whether you’ve only just decided to write a novel, or you’ve been trekking through a draft for a while now, it’s easy to get lost. To feel like you’ve gone off the trail, lost track of the heart of your story. From a distance the forest gleamed green and tall and proud, but now you’re inside it’s dark and muddy and cold. You have ideas but don’t know what to do with them, or you don’t know how to get the ideas you need. Your story’s going nowhere.

There’s a way to deal with this. There’s a way to build your ideas into an outline which you already know fulfills your aspirations for what the story can be, before you write it.

How to Build a Novel will give you the principles and knowledge you need to chart the best path through your story.

This ebook came directly from my How to Build a Story video series. I recommend using it in conjunction with the Plot Embryo technique which will allow you to take big shortcuts through the system I lay out in the book.

Note: Because it includes lots of diagrams, HTBN is only available in PDF format.

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Want to see how to use the Plot Embryo to take a big shortcut through the How to Build a Novel system?

I also explain it in this video, if that's more your style.