Novel Navigation Session

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Novel Navigation Session

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Re-orienting & guided problem solving
for writers stuck in narrative wilderness.

To write a novel is, always, to traverse unknown lands.

I've been stuck in my share of narrative ditches, been caught after dark without shelter or campfire. I've trekked over subplots in circles, before finding my way out.

It's why nothing makes me happier than using what I know of the trail to help you find a path through the woods of your novel.

If you've come up against an impassable thicket of a story problem, sometimes the difference between flailing for weeks and getting through it in an hour is a new set of eyes on your map and compass.

To have someone else show you where you've gone off your trail.

In a Novel Navigation Session through Skype, I won't tell you where you should go, I'll help you fight through the trees and get where you want to go.

  • Together we'll explore the problem and come up with a number of possible solutions. 
  • Within two days of the session, I'll send you a PDF write up of our session, including brainstorming prompts for you to take away and work with.
  • And because I want to be sure that you get where you're going, I'll send you an accountability followup email one week after the session to check how you're getting on.
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Problems a Novel Navigation Session could help with:

  • Can't figure out a particular scene or plot point
  • A general plotting problem
  • Can't figure out Plot Embryo Quadrants
  • Can't make Plot Embryo as whole work (1h30m session recommended)
  • No Character motive or backstory
  • No Ending
  • Can't make a particular worldbuilding mechanic work
  • Character relationship dynamic doesn't work
  • Don't know theme or plot doesn't convey the theme
  • Other problems concerning the big picture or 'narrative substance' of your novel

A Novel Navigation Session is guided discussion and brainstorming where we work through one story problem together. 

A Novel Navigation Session IS NOT:

  • A manuscript critique or edit
  • A solution for problems with style and texture
  • A solution for problems with language, spelling and grammar
  • A beta read of your work
  • A solution for writing problems which are outside the fabric of your story (ie. time management, motivation)

Which length of session should I pick?

This really depends on the scope of the problem.

  • For problems around one plot point or particular aspect of your story, a one hour session should be fine.
  • For more complex problems which may span across a whole plot, or problems getting a whole plot embryo to work, an hour and a half session is likely needed.

What do I need to know about this 'Plot Embryo' stuff?

If by some miracle you've arrived at my site and haven't already seen my Plot Embryo video or materials, it's the magical plotting framework I, and many writers, use.

Novel Navigation Sessions are geared to use the Plot Embryo to help you build a cohesive, satisfying plot, to triage parts which aren't working, or plug in missing elements.

I highly recommend getting at least familiar with the Plot Embryo before buying a session to get the most bang for your buck.

How does it work?

  • When you buy, you'll briefly explain your story problem, send me any relevant outlines or Plot Embryos and we'll book the session for a date which suits us both.
  • I'll prepare materials for the session based on your story problem.
  • We'll do the session through Skype video call, and get you moving through your story.
  • Within two days, I'll send you a PDF write up of the session for you to reference and work with
  • A week after the session, I'll follow up with you to see how you've been getting on.

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