rachael stephen author

Rachael, here.

I'm a novelist, video creator and writing coach.

I'm obsessed with unstoppable girls and powered by cake.



Need help with your story?


Re-orienting & guided problem solving
for writers stuck in narrative wilderness.

I offer Novel Navigation Sessions through Skype to help you find your way back onto the trail with your novel.


Things I've Done

Prep_tober Cover.png

A NaNoWriMo Prep Project.

A month of pumpkin spiced novelcraft in October.

Plot a whole novel on one page

And learn the technique that changed how I write forever.

state of flux book

Thirty years ago, trailblazing graffiti-legend Flux, vanished

Now it’s up to Trinai to finish what her hero started. A high-energy dystopian novel.

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