How fast has seven days gone?

In today's final lesson we're going to bring it all together with the practical steps of using the Plot Embryo structure.

You're gonna love this one.


So, get your coffee ready and click play for our final video lesson!




Lesson Materials

lego batman movie heroic plot embryo

The Lego Batman Movie

Complete Plot Embryo


As noted in the video, I recommend taking the time to look at each individual plot point in relation to both the four quadrants and its opposite point.

To really internalise it even further, you could also handwrite or type out your own version.


Now, it's your turn.

  • Pick the most important plot from the most important story you're working on.
  • Print out a blank Plot Embryo using the Printable or draw one up yourself.
  1. Start adding ideas for quadrants and plot points in pencil or another erasable medium
  2. Keep brainstorming and changing things around until you're happy with the complete embryo
  3. Write it up in pen or a permanent medium.
  4. Marvel at how cohesive, complete and fleshed out your plot feels now