I'm Rachael and I spent actual YEARS getting story creation all wrong. 

My idea of writing was characters sitting in cool places (worldbuilding is fun!) doing absolutely nothing (story is… HARD).

rachael stephen beginners guide to the plot embryo method

Then I discovered the Plot Embryo Method.

I tried it. I built on it.


It was the most amazing feeling to crack the code on something which felt so amorphous and overwhelming.

The plot embryo STILL teaches me new things about storytelling and life to this day. So I started sharing my system with other storytellers.

And it started helping them…

  • Hit notes which emotionally resonate 

  • Create stories which feel complete and satisfying

  • Create and integrate powerful themes

  • Write effective motive and backstory for their characters

  • Outline an entire story on one page to get that crucial big picture view

plot embryo template

7 days. 7 videos. Totally free.

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