The Plot Embryo Printable

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The Plot Embryo Printable


The Plot Embryo technique revolutionised my plotting.

Dan Harmon’s version of Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth (also known as the Hero’s Journey) gives a cohesive storytelling structure that works for all kinds of stories, (not just heroic ones) and helps hit the exact notes you need to emotionally resonate with your reader.

If you struggle to make your endings feel complete and satisfying, this is for you.

I’m obsessed with this technique. 

This printable is for those of us who love the technique but are getting pretty tired of having to draw up a new blank plot embryo every time we need to do some plotting.

Buy it once. Print as many embryos as you need, forever.

The Plot Embryo Printable includes:

  • a short guide to using the templates effectively
  • a reusable Heroic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet
  • a resuable Tragic Plot Embryo Reference Sheet
  • a Heroic Plot Embryo Printable Template
  • a Tragic Plot Embryo Printable Template
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Not sure what the Plot Embryo is?

This Printable isn't designed to teach the technique.

You can learn this plotting technique in my free course.

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