In every Plot With Me episode I get my hands dirty fixing up a story from pop culture, armed with the Plot Embryo method.

In this episode I focused on showing you how to take a weak antagonist and turn them into a compelling source of conflict for your main character.
And what better weak antagonist to use than Pokemon’s Team Rocket?

This episode is jam packed with actionable insights for creating powerful antagonists and tragic plot embryos, and runs at an hour long.

Brew yourself a cuppa and get comfy, and let’s dive in to this episode.👇

story magic academy plot embryo

ready to learn how I do it?

The Completed Plot Embryo

team rocket plot embryo rachael stephen

The Working

Though the plot embryo is a gracefully complex, nuanced system - my method for using it is remarkably simple. Every time I come up against something I don’t know, I brainstorm. Rinse and repeat.

Here is every drop of brainstorming I did during this Plot With Me. For creating plot embryos, I generally use the Five Ideas method, so that’s what you see here.

Click on a page to see it👇

And that’s your lot!

I hope you found it helpful, cinnamon bun.

If you have any questions, comments, or a movie or video game you’d like me to fix in a future episode, head over and leave a comment on the video!

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